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In the early 1990s, when I was in the 8th grade, living in Gander Newfoundland, I was sheltered from all that was ‘gay’ - it seemed almost impossible for my closeted boy-self to locate a living, openly gay artist, actor, or musician. But, one thing was for certain, across the world, everybody (somewhat privately) knew KD Lang was a hard-core lesbian.

It was almost serendipitous that my new found queer sexuality coincided with KD Lang’s increased popularity - with a song that I became obsessed with: “Constant Craving”.

However, as a preteen boy living in Newfoundland access to anything slightly echoing my queerness was difficult. I didn’t have any money and even if I did I wasn’t about to enter, stand in line, or face the judging eyes of my small town music store as I skipped down the aisles and gingerly placed my KD Lang CD on the counter with a wink. So, owning the record was out.

Desperate to serenade my new found faggy identity with KD Lang’s confident and Constant Craving, I called the local radio station (95.9 OZ FM) over and over and over again… Requesting they played this song. I called and called and called and called… Waiting…. Poised with a blank cassette tape cued, ready and waiting. My finger quivering over the record button. Days passed. Weeks passed. The summer passed. And still they had not played it. I was patient though - I kept calling. Until at last, my room and my heart filled with Constant Craving. I recorded it and listened to it until the tape broke, on my own, by myself, just me and KD.

Logan MacDonald, Toronto